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  • Muslim women in Arizona promote World Hijab Day to spread information and modesty

    World Hijab Day, which is celebrated on Feb. 1 encourages women to experience Muslim head scarves also known as hijab, for one day. This year, a group of Muslim Arizonans organized an event outside of Tempe Public Library during which they shared Islamic literature and distributed scarves, water and donuts to locals.

    Four women accepted the challenge to wear the hijab for the entire day. Curious stares from the public aren’t anything new for Muslim women. However, for one of the World Hijab Day participants, it was very strange as she felt amazed by the attention she received after wearing the hijab. Read Full Article…

  • Law alone can’t dismantle Islamophobia

    IslamophobiaDeah Shaddy Barakat
    Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha
    Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha

    With the Feb. 10 shooting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that left them dead, they joined a long list of people who have been injured or killed by violence and appear to have been targeted for their faith, national origin or race. There are many others — 15-year-old Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, who died in December after a driver plowed into him, almost severing his legs, outside the Somali Center of Kansas City, Missouri; Paramjit Kaur, a mother of two who was among six Sikhs killed by a white supremacist at a Sikh place of worship in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in August 2012; and Sunando Sen, a Hindu Indian who was shoved into the path of a train at a subway station in New York City. These are only a few of the acts of violence committed against Muslims, Arabs, South Asians, Sikhs and Hindus since 9/11.

    In all these instances, the families of the victims and community-based organizations rightly demanded that they be characterized as hate crimes and prosecuted as such. In fact, from 2001 to 2011 (PDF), the Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecuted 50 defendants in 37 cases involving violence, threats, vandalism and arson against South Asians, Muslims, Arabs and Sikhs. These prosecutions send a clear message: As a nation, we will not condone such vicious targeting and will pursue perpetrators through the justice system. Read Full Article…

  • Imam of torched Houston mosque meets Islamophobia with love

    After the Houston fire, Joshua Gray, a truck driver from Catersville, Georgia, took to Facebook and accused Muslims in the United States of not taking a stand against Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    He called Muslims “scum,” in one comment, and in another post he wrote that he hoped a mosque “burns for every American killed by these terrorists.”

    Zahid responded to Gray by inviting him to Quba. Gray, already driving through Houston area, accepted. Then he spent five hours at the mosque speaking with its members and seeing them in prayer.

    “It just changed my opinion on a lot of the things I’ve seen and heard by just going in and actually talking to him face to face,” Gray, who said he never met Muslims prior to visiting Quba, told Al Jazeera. Read Full Article…

  • The compassion of the Prophet towards those who abused him

    Prophet Muhammad started the message of Islam in Arabia at a time when human rights had no meaning, might was right and the society was entrenched in paganism. In this environment Prophet Muhammad  taught a message of justice, peace, human rights, animal rights and even environmental rights as ordained by God, the One True Creator of all that is in the universe.

    God has shown us in the character of Prophet Muhammad  the model of a companionate person. He treated every one, friends and foe, man and woman, young and old, with kindness and respect.

    Even when the pagan Arabs reacted to the message of the Prophet with extreme hatred he showed love and kindness. See Full Article here…

  • Speaking Against Terrorism

    God describes himself as the guarantor of world peace to His creation. His guidance speaks to this clearly. But people acting on his behalf have done everything possible to destroy it. Can we Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and everyone else come together to stand for each of us and fight the menace jointly rather than using religious or nationalistic labels to vent our anger and serve the political agenda of the power elite? The Muslim community is waiting to hear a call of unity in action in defense of all human life and dignity in any part of the world. See Full Article …

  • The Outcome Of Belief In One God

    Observing the One God in Relations with Others – According to the Torah, Bible & Quran.

    The Quran endorses the moral commandments of the Torah (2:83), and describes the Torah as containing “guidance and light” (5:44), and as “clearly spelling out everything, and [thus providing] guidance and grace” (6:154). As for God’s message revealed in the Gospel, the Quran states that in it “there is guidance and light, confirming the truth of the Torah that has preceded it, and [it was revealed] as a guidance and admonition unto the God-conscious” (5:46). The Quran urges the Jews to follow the Torah (5:43), as it urges the Christians to follow the Gospel (5:47), and has promised the good of this world’s life if they do (5:66), in addition to the greatest reward of God in the eternal life to come. Read Full Article…

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    Join us every week for the Friday night short lecture

    which starts after Maghrib prayer.

  • Quran Recitation & Islamic Studies Weekly Study Group

    You are invited to join every Wednesday evening immediately following Magrib (Sunset) Prayer for Quran recitation and to learn more about the practice, history, and sciences of Islam or just to make your recitation better.

    Topics vary from week to week.

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